Class Of 2022!

Share Your Best Look to End the School Year!
06/17/2022 18:00 PDT - 07/03/2022 23:59 PDT

Elpeeps, it’s that time of the year again! Graduation season has arrived,
so that means it is time to submit your Yearbook photos once more!

Follow these Requirements or the Dean of the Academy will refuse to put
your picture in the El Yearbook!

  • Image Size Requirement: 2Mb or less
  • The Image taken must clearly show your Character and their outfit - Any Obstruction
    of your Character (from Skill Effects, Environment, etc.)
    can lead to the entry being removed.
  • Images must not be edited
  • Cropping is not considered an edit
  • Screenshot Mode must be activated (Use the DEL key by Default)
  • Image Resolution: 500 px x 500 px
  • Yearbook Comments are allowed and you’ll be admitted up to 150 Characters
    for your comments
    • Any Comments deemed inappropriate will be removed. Comments should not
      include any of the following topics:
      • Profanity
      • Discussion of Tickets/Banned Members
      • Racial/Ethnic/Religious Slurs and Obscene/Violent/Sexual/Alcoholic/Drug References
      • Harassing, Defaming or Denigrate Other Players
      • Any Comments that promotes breaking the Elsword Terms of Use
  • You must have a KOG Games account in order to participate in this event
  • All entries must abide by the Elsword Terms of Use, any entry (Image or Yearbook Comment) found to be in violation is subject to disqualification
  • Winners will be announced on 07/12/2022

Unsure what your Yearbook Look should be?
Click HERE to scope out the other submissions from your fellow Graduates!