A new path has arrived for Elsword, and it’s time to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk!
What crazy things can he do? What crazy things can YOU make him do?
Or maybe you know something we or your fellow players don’t? It’s time for a contest
to see who has the fanciest combos or the most knowledgeable tips around!

Submit your videos and the GMs will select
the best Elsword 4th Path combo or guide videos among
the submissions to win K-Ching!

EVENT DATE: 8/11/2021 ~ 8/25/2021 (23:59 PDT)



400 K-Ching for all Eligible Participants!

Bonus: If we like your clip, we’ll share it on social media! (FB, Insta, Twitter, etc)

  • Create a clip featuring Elsword’s 4th path that shows off an epic combo or shares a tip for your fellow players
  • Minimum clip time must be 10 seconds
  • Combo Clips may not be longer than 1 minute
  • Guide/Tip Clips may not be longer than 2 minutes
  • Submissions must abide by Elsword’s Code of Conduct and Terms of Use
  • Upload your clip to Youtube and share with us the link via the submission page
  • Only 1 entry per player
  • While you may edit your video to have visual effects and make it more exciting, the Combo/Guide aspect should be the main highlight of your entry.
  • Low effort guide/combo entries (“Get a +13 to deal high damage!” Or using a simple combo loop in your clip) will be removed.
  • Contest is only available to NA and INT players
  • Sparring with Lowe or even other players could help you find creative ways to make your combos be flashy and cool
  • Utilize as many skills and commands at your disposal as you can. Don’t just rely on 1 thing.